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Our Story

My name is Crystal Allen and I have overcome significant obstacles to get to where I am. As a vulnerable young girl from the Lafayette Projects in Baltimore I became a ward of the state and later ended up in foster care. I am grateful to my Lord and Savior for protecting me throughout my journey from all the negative things that happen to too many of our young Black girls.

Our Mission

To bring a realistic approach to sex and human trafficking infused with personal testimony.
It is important to create a community of support while understanding the laws and seeking resources that include a safe space to recover.
We empower young girls and women to find the strength to take a stand to fight against sex and human trafficking from becoming the number one trafficking in the world


  • Recruitment – false job offers, fake love of a relationship or marriage.
  • Grooming- build fake relationships, trust emotional connection, to be manipulated , exploitation and abuse
  • Harboring- to hide , to keep person from escaping, provision to keep in place
  • Provision obtain- for a purpose of commercial sex act which is force
  • Coercion- force or persuade someone to do something they don’t want to.. being threaten to do so
  • FACTS!!! Sextrafficking can happen to Anyone no matter
  • AGE
  • RACE

IF you know anyone that is a victim of Sex/humantrafficking call the office of EQUALITY OF CIVIL RIGHTS 410.396.3141